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Scared Owls Wisdom

Goddess and Gods
Scared Owls Wisdom
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From the still green
mountains to the
deep water's side,
through misty grey marshes
where shadows lie,
so deep in Her dreaming
and with one star awake,
the fay queen Morgan
moves over the lake.

Her midnight raven
rides the purple skies,
calling into the darkness
where the gateway lies.
She weaves enchantment
on the loom of time,
and sets destiny reeling by
fastened knots of nine.




The seafoam rises
along Celtic shore.
Her hand plucks you from
the Wheel when your days
are no more.
Sailing into the west wind
where sunlight beguiles,
She will bid you welcome
to the Eternal Isle.

And look into those eyes
that reflect your own.
Come to Her without fear
and She'll lead you home.
She will soothe away your
terror with harp
and with song.
And you'll feast upon
apples of Avalon.

--Ruth Barrett--

Morgan, or Morrigan, is a deity of ancient Ireland, associated with the Moon, some see her as the equivalent to Hecate. She was a goddess of war and destiny whose weapons contained a potent magic. She had three main aspects: Badb who sometimes took the form of a raven and presided over a sacred well of knowledge; as Macha, a powerful sorceress who also could take the form of a raven and presided over war and fertility; and as Nemain (also Neman and Nemhain) when she presided directly over the act and art of war. Morrigan was sometimes referred to as "The Morrigan" referring to her triple aspects, and as such was seen to be a darker form of manifestation of Dana, the mother goddess of the Tuatha de Danaan. Morrigan as a goddess of psychic vision, hidden knowledge and prophecy has associations with Lunar energies, and in her role as warrior goddess and patroness of victory and rulership, she has associations both with Mars and with the Sun.

When she is referred to as the Triple Goddess it is in reference to these three aspects: Badb the Crow (maiden), Macha the Great Queen (mother), and Nemain the Hag (crone). The ideal of Maiden, Mother, Crone is also used generally in goddess literature and not necessarily always a reference specifically to Morrigan.

The connection between Isis and Morgan is a fascinating area of study, because we are all conscious of the links between deities from different cultures, the similar mythologies and ways of manifesting. Isis and Morgan is one association that is particularly enlightening. In Isis Magic, Isidora says about Christine Campbell Thompson, "She further associates Isis with the "old mysteries of Atlantis," noting that Isis Morgan "has all wisdom and knowledge" and is of infinite aspects." Isis and Morgan were both thought by these pioneers of who the western mystery traditions to have their roots in Atlantis. Dion Fortune, Christine Campbell Thomas and Margaret Lumley Brown were extremely gifted psychics and recorded much information about the connection between various geographic locations in Europe, such as Ireland, Great Britain, the area of Brittany on the coast of France to name the most commonly mentioned ones, as being places where colonization by people from Atlantis occurred. They also noted that Atlantean colonization was also conducted in other places, most notably in Egypt, Crete and Greece. These outposts or colonies became places of refuge in the later periods of Atlantis, people fled to them to escape the destruction of the Atlantean homeland.

My personal goddess is

tri forums the Morgan

Celtic Gods & Goddesses
Branwyn - Goddess of love, sexuality and the sea
Bridget - Goddess of fertility, feminine creativity, martial arts and healing
Cernunnos - The 'Horned God', God of Nature, Animals, Fertility and the Underworld
Cerridwen - Moon Goddess, Goddess of Dark Prophecy and the Underworld
Coventina  - Goddess of Rivers, Abundance, Inspiration and Prophecy
The Crone - One of the Triple Goddess Aspects, Goddess of Old Age, Winter and the Waning Moon
Eostre - Goddess of Spring, Rebirth, Fertility and New Beginnings
Epona - Horse Goddess, Goddess of Prosperity, Healing, Nurturance and Sustainence
Latis - Goddess of Water and Beer
Lugh - Sun God, God of War, Mastery, Magic and Good Harvest
Morrigan - Goddess of War, Revenge, Night, Magic and Prophecy. Queen of Fairies and Witches
The Triple Goddess - The Maiden, Mother and Crone all at once. Moon, Creator, Destroyer
British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh Gods & Goddesses
Amaethon (Welsh) - God of Agriculture, Master of Magic
Arawn (Welsh) - God of the Hunt and the Underworld
Arianrhod (Welsh) - Star and Sky Goddess, Goddess of Beauty, Full Moon and Magical Spells
Badb (Irish) - Goddess of War, Death and Rebirth
Caillech (Scottish, Irish, Welsh) - Goddess of Weather, Earth, Sky, Seasons, Moon and Sun
Cliodna (Irish, Scottish) - Goddess of Beauty and of Other Realms
Creide (Irish, Scottish) - Goddess of Women and Fairies
The Green Man (Welsh) - God of the Woodlands, of Life Energy and Fertility
Morgan LeFay (Welsh) - Goddess of Death, Fate, the Sea and of Curses
Oghma (Scottish, Irish) - God of Communication and Writing, and of Poets
Rhiannon (Welsh) - Goddess of Birds, Horses, Enchantments, Fertility and the Underworld
Skatha (Welsh) - Goddess of the Underworld, Darkness, Magic, Prophecy and Martial Arts
Chinese Gods & Goddesses
Ch'eng-Huang - God of Moats and Walls
Kuan Ti - God of War, the Great Judge
Kwan Yin - Goddess of Mercy and Compassion
Lei Kun - God of Thunder; chases evil away
P'an-Chin-Lien - Goddess of Prostitutes
Ti-Tsang Wang - God of Mercy
T'shai-shen - God of Wealth 
Tsao Wang - God of the Hearth and Family
Yeng-Wang-Yeh - Lord of Judgment and Death 
Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti - God of the Sky, Father of Heaven 
Greek & Roman Gods and Goddesses
Aphrodite (Greek) - Goddess of Love (Venus)
Apollo (Greek) - God of Civilization and the Arts
Ares (Greek) - God of War (Mars)
Artemis (Greek) - Goddess of Childbirth and Hunting (Diana)
Athena (Greek) - Goddess of War, Wisdom and Arts (Minerva)
Ceres (Roman) - Goddess of Agriculture and Good Harvest (Demeter)
Cupid (Roman) - The God of Love
Demeter (Greek) - Goddess of Earth, Agriculture and Fertility (Ceres)
Diana (Roman) - Goddess of the Hunt and Protector of Children (Artemis)
Dionysos (Greek) - God of Wine
Eos (Greek) - Goddess of the Dawn, Mother of the West Wind
Hades (Greek) - God of the Underworld and the Dead (Pluto)
Hebe (Greek) - Goddess of Eternal Youth
Hecate (Greek) - Goddess of the Underworld, Witchcraft and Black Magic
Hera (Greek) - Goddess of Marriage, Family and Home
Hermes (Greek) - God of Merchants (Mercury)
Hestia (Greek) - Goddess of Hearth, Fire and Family Life
Hypnos (Greek) - God of Sleep
Jupiter (Roman) - King of the Gods (Zeus)
Mars (Roman) - God of War (Ares)
Mercury (Roman) - God of Merchants (Hermes)
Minerva (Roman) Goddess of Wisdom, War and Crafts (Athena)
Morpheus (Greek) - God of Dreams
Nemesis (Greek) - Goddess of Vengeance
Nike(Greek) - Goddess of Victory
Persephone (Greek) - Goddess of Fertility and Nature
Pluto (Roman) - God of the Underworld and the Dead (Hades)
Poseidon (Greek) - God of Horses, Earthquakes, Storms and the Sea
Selene (Greek) - Goddess of the Moon
Triton (Greek) - Merman Sea God
Venus (Roman) - Goddess of Love, Protector of Gardens (Aphrodite)
Zeus (Greek) - Ruler of the Gods (Jupiter)
Norse Gods & Goddesses
Freya - Goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom
Freyr - God of Fertility and Success
Frigga - Goddess Mother of All, Protector of Children
Hel - Goddess of the Dead and the Afterlife
Loki - God of Fire, Trickster God
Odin - God of all Men, Father of all Gods
Skadi - Goddess of Winter and Hunting
Thor - God of Sky and Thunder
Tyr - God of War and Law
India's Gods & Goddesses
Brahma - God of the Triniity
Durga - Goddess beyond reach; also known as Shakti (Life Energy) and Parvati (Family Unity)
Ganesha - God who Removes Obstacles, God of Knowledge
Gauri - Goddess of Purity and Austerity
Hanuman - Monkey God, provider of Courage, Hope, Knowledge, Intellect and Devotion
Kali - Goddess of Destruction
Krishna - God of Power and Bravery
Lakshmi - Goddess of Prosperity, Purity, Chastity, and Generosity
Rama - Hero God, Preserver of Families, Destroyer of Evil
Sarasvati - Goddess of Speech, Wisdom and Learning
Shiva - God of Giving and Happiness, Creator
Vishnu -  God of Courage, Knowledge and Power; Also known as Hari the Remover
Sumerian Gods & Goddesses
An - God of the Heavens
Enki - Lord of Water and Wisdom
Enlil - God of Air and Storms
Ereshkigal - Goddess of Darkness, Gloom and Death
Inanna - Goddess of Love and War
Ki - Goddess of the Earth
Nammu - Goddess of the Sea
Ninhursag - Goddess of the Earth, Fertility
Utu - Sun God, God of Justice
African Gods & Goddesses
Amun - King of the Gods
Ani-lbo - Goddess of Birth, Death, Happiness and Love
Anubis - God of the Dead
Atum - First God, God of Perfection
Bastet - Goddess of Protection
Bes - Goddess of Childbirth and Family; Protection for Children, Pregnant Women and Families
Geb - God of the Earth
Hathor - Goddess of Love and Joy
Horus - God of the Sky, Ruler of Egypt
Isis - Goddess of Protection and Magic
Leza - Creator who is Compassionate and Merciful (Rhodesia)
Ma'at - Goddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony
Nephthys - Goddess of the Dead
Ngai - High God, Creator and Giver of All Things (East Africa)
Nun - God of Water and Chaos
Nut - Goddess of the Sky who Covers the Earth
Nzambi - Unapproachable God, Sovereign Master
Obatala - Goddess of Earth and People, Creator
Osiris - God of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld
Ra - Sun God
Raluvhimba - God of the Heavens, Creator
Seshat - Goddess of Writing and Measurement
Seth - God of Chaos
Thoth - God of Writing and Knowledge
Wadjet - Cobra Goddess, Protector of the King

By being sensitive to the cycles of the sea, they learned to align with the origins of life, The Great Womb or Originator of All Things. The very first beginnings of life on this planet were activated in water. In the sea was the Bright Fertile Mother who gave birth to life, and the Dark Sterile Mother who brought all living forms back again to Herself. The Moon would naturally be aligned to the sea, with it's role in the rising and ebb of the tides and its cycles were also seen to be reflected in the cycles of the bodies of women. All was seen to mirror the role of the Great Goddess of Life and Death. They viewed the sea as a physical manifestation of that unseen great cosmic power, the universal force that is the origin of all form and of all life, of which our earth and our existence are part. As Great Mothers of Life and Death, Morgan and Isis embody not only the concepts of life on this earth, but the force of all life throughout our universe. This sea cult would correspond to our ideas about veneration of the Great Mother dating far back into the most ancient of times.

The laws of polarity or duality are a strong part of this type of work. In physical terms they are expressed as hot and cold, day and night, light and dark, male and female, positive and negative. In Egyptian the mythology the Moon is often represented as masculine. Although the Egyptians are most often identified with the solar associations of their mythologies and religious themes, the moon held a special place in their culture. The primary moon deities, Khonsu, Osiris, and Thoth were male, rather than female. This seems contradictory, in light of the way we so strongly associate the moon with the divine feminine archetype in modern practice. But in their eyes, the moon was the fructifier, in the sense that the male impregnates the female. They recognized in polarity an expression of balance which was part of the cycle of life and death in the world of nature. Dion Fortune presents these ideas particularly in two of her magical novels, first in Sea Priestess, and secondly in Moon Magic. The Priest of the Moon referred to in the Sea Priestess is Osiris.

Anyone who has seen the silver light of the moon playing across the sea at night can easily understand how ancient people saw this as a reflection in nature of the symbolism of the 'silver cord' of the Shakti. This silvery lunar way is a link between physical and spiritual states of being. This link is like a bridge, or narrow road of light called the Sutratma, where the individual can enter the first stages of travel to the world of spirit. This pathway lies from earth to moon to sun to star. The sun represents the heart. Beyond the heart, the High Priestess of the Tarot is associated with this pathway, and she definitely has both lunar and water symbolism. Connection to this road starts on the pathway of the Moon, the intuitive knowing and subsequent lessons and wisdom gained through true psychic vision. As we progress along this silver lunar path, we eventually find that behind the Moon is the Sun, which is associated with the awakening of the heart to true spiritual compassion. Beyond the Sun is The Star of Isis, or Sothis, referred to in the tarot as the High Priestess. The full name of this card is High Priestess of the Silver Star. Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki in her book, 'The Forgotten Mage" quotes Colonel Seymour, "The Symbol of Isis is the ankh and it symbolizes the forces of life contained within the form of matter. Behind the individualized life form that in man there is the Great Sea of Life. Isis is the star that rises from the Twilight Sea, the star that itself is a symbol of the divine spark in man. The Egyptians called it Sothis, we call it Sirius. When that star is unveiled and brightly burning within the human soul, then conscious touch with the Isis of Nature becomes fully possible."


Morgan and Isis as goddesses of birth, life and death, destiny, war, victory and struggle, prophecy, psychic vision and clairvoyance are patronesses of the most potent forces. Both have strong associations with water, the moon, the sun and mars. These goddesses provide keys of access to higher consciousness, and also preside over martial arts, which at first I found curious, until I connected this with the fact that there are many personal inner battles and periods of intiation that everyone must face and work through along their personal path.

The following books will help to clarify and give further information:

Dion Fortune, Sea Priestess

Moon Magic

The Mysical Qabalah (in particular the section about Binah)

Gareth Knight, Pythoness, The Life and Work of Margaret Lumley Brown

The Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, The Forgotten Mage

Alan Richardson, Dancers to the Gods,

republished in 1991 as 20th Century Magic and the Old Religion


Linda Iles is Priestess Hierophant of the Lyceum of Isis, Lotus of Alexandria, of the FOI.  We thank her for permission to share her insights on our Matron Goddess with you!

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