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Scared Owls Wisdom

Scared Owls Wisdom
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All spells dealing with fire are potentially hazardous. Be sure to always have a fire extinguisher on hand for emergencies, and this may sound silly, but make sure you know how to use it.

Many witches try to always face the same direction when beginning a ritual.

(my personal favorite is the east) the east and north are the two most common directions. The east is popular because the sun comes from the east and many mainstream religions also revere this direction for spiritual matters. In most wiccan faiths, the north represents the element of earth and thus the goddess.

You can choose either of these or one of the others if you prefer.

This convention is not mandatory.

All candle magic spells and rituals should always begin with a fresh candle that has never been lit.

For the same reason a candle that has been used for spell work should not be used for any other purpose.

If the spell calls for a candle to be burned all the way down, be sure to let it, and do your best not to have any interruptions in it’s burning. If the spell calls for the candle to be disposed of without being burned down entirely then make sure you dispose of it so that it does not get lit again by accident.

I myself burry my candle stubs in my herb garden in the north east corner so they my not be disturbed.

Music can be very helpful in any ritual, it sets a mood for what you’re trying to accomplish and creates a trance state that’s conductive to change. Choose music that will help you raise emotional energy and release it as the spell draws near its end.

Any music you feel emotionally moved by will work.

Don’t feel as thought you have to pick any one artist or exclude another simply because it doesn’t seem vogue in the witch community.

This is your spell you are the boss.

Helpful hint 's

to consider ritual bath before beginning any ritual work with appropriate oils or herbs such as rose or chamomile. These baths can greatly help you clear your mind but again this is not mandatory for your spell candle to work.



Aries - (March 21 - April 19) - Red
Taurus - (April 20 - May 21) - Green
Gemini - (May 22 - June 21) - Yellow
Cancer - (June 22 - July 22) - Silvery Pastels
Leo - (July 23 - August 23) - Gold or Orange
Virgo - (August 24 - September 23) - Blue and Gray
Libra - (September 24 - October 23) - Rose and Blue
Scorpio - (October 24 - November 22) - Red and Black
Sagittarius - (November 23 - December 21) - Purple and Dark Blue
Capricorn - (December 22 - January 20) - Dark Blues and Browns
Aquarius - (January 21 - February 19) - Electric Blue
Pisces - (February 20 - March 20) - Green and Greenish Blue

White - this energy can be used for inner insight and healing; protection, positive energy, clairvoyance, prophecy and focused energy - spirituality and peace; clarity of vision, purifies intention, power in its purest form.
Yellow - attraction and activity, concentration and inspiration, intellectualism, imagination, memory and creativity.
Gold - spiritual energy, divine inspiration, divine protection and guidance, fosters understanding and attracts the powers of cosmic influences, in ceremonies needing solar energy.
Orange - solar energy that enhances inner strength and focus, ambition, career matters and the law, aids in attraction and adaptability, vitality and energy.
Pink - love, affection and romance.
Red - passion, sensuality, self-assertion, health, energy, strength, courage, sexual potency.
Burgundy - grounding, root chakra.
Green - healing, fertility, abundance, good luck and harmony.
Blue - inspiration, mystical wisdom, protection and devotion, spiritual understanding and inner peace.
Purple - builds and strengthens connection to higher self and higher mind, enhances psychic abilities and powers, material wealth, higher psychic ability, spiritual power and idealism.
Black - opens up the deeper levels of the unconscious; use in rituals to induce a deep meditational state, banish evil or negativity.

The most important part of candle magic Creative Visualization sounds like it only involves the use of images, your other senses, including hearing touch scent and even taste are included in that process as well use as many of your senses as you can to fully access the hidden parts of your mind

And increase your chances of success.

Divination is a powerful tool that you can use to help determine different factors about your spell working that may not have thought of otherwise. Take advantage of this tool whenever possible to improve your chances of success.

Finally, remember to keep your workings private and your thoughts positive. It’s true that many people lack a clear understanding of how or why candle magic works.

These people shouldn’t be permitted to interfere with your workings with their negativity or insults.

Keep your actions to your self and allow those who might criticize you to remain in Ignorance if that’s what they want for themselves. Continue to believe in yourself and your goals will come to pass

Bright blessings.

Candle Talk 
 Okay believe it or not candles actually talk to me on this one:)  The candle can tell you weather or not it is the proper time to do magick and it can tell you what sorts of energy that is in the room.  First off I will tell you how the candles flame talks to you... 
 Okay first off if a candles flame is very strong and tall that will tell you that the energy that you are using has empowered the candle by your desire or will.  The candle is telling you that it knowledges what you are doing.
  A jumping candle flame is telling you that your energy is unclear to it which will mean that you are having doubts about the spell, or you have you mind completly on something else or you could be thinking negative toughts about could mean anything so you should sit down before you perform the spell and try to clear the negative thoughts from your head.  This Jumping candle flame could also mean instability in your emotions or actions, so again you will have to try and stabilize yourself before the spell.
  When a candle flame is weak it might be telling you that the wick is covered in wax:) is telling you that there are too many negative energies at this time (not necesarily from you).  A weak flame could also mean that there is communication problems.  they may be coming from you or someone else.
When you light your vigin candle (a candle that has never been used) for the first time ever, if it has a strong flame that means that your workspace is conductive to your magick.  If you have some trobles with lighting your virgin candle then that would mean that out side influences weaken your work.  Do a complete cleansing of your magickal working area, then you can relight the candles, if they have a strong flame then great but if they still have a weak flame evn after you completly clensed your working area then maybe you didn't pay much attention to your astrogical correspondances, or may be you have doubt in the magick you are planning to do.  Remember that weak flames indicate instability.
  If your candle flame is dancing in a repetitive circular patteren, this means that the elements and divinity are building your magick up with their blessings.
  What if your candle flame is carrying a cirtain color in it's flame?  You will have to check out your color meaning charts to figure out what the color means. ex: if your candle flame had a pink tint to it then that would mean that there is friendship energy, or if your candle had a real yellow tint it could mean that intelect energy is around (candle flames are yellow and orange there could be more of a yellow tint in it but it is hard to see).
   When you hear candles crackle and spit they are trying to talk to you.
  When your candle is crakling really loud that could indicate that there is strong distructive negative energy around.  When the crackling of a flame is not to loud and not to soft this will indicate that you are in authority of the candle. A very low crackling noise is the best this means that all energies from you and the candle are at it's purest.

 Now do you still think I'm psycho?  I didn't think so ...this whole candle chit chat stuff is actually making sense to you isn't it:)

Are you blowing out you're candles? If you are this may be you're problem. Wither snuff them out or allow them to burn themselves out. Candle snuffers are fairly inexpensive and are completely invaluable if you are squirmish about putting a flame out with you're fingers. The thing here to remember is that by blowing out the candles you are mixing fire and air magick. Fire magick brings energy, passion and power whereas air magick brings peace, tranquility and calmness. The complete opposite. So together they cross out each other, hence, crossing out you're spell. Also use a lighter to light the candles and not matches. Matches contain sulpher which is used in banishing spells.

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