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Scared Owls Wisdom


Scared Owls Wisdom
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A spell is nothing but a story (from an old word "spelen," to "tell a story").

You've had spells cast on you all your life, without knowing it.

When your father called you "lazy," or "stupid," or "sloppy," or "a failure,"

he was casting a spell on you. Most likely, you still act the way your father

(or mother) said you were.

And you've cast spells on yourself all your life, without knowing it. Whenever

you say the words "I can't" you are casting a spell of failure on yourself.

Whenever you tell someone they give you a headache, you are casting a headache

spell on yourself.

Learning to cast spells is learning how to control your own life.

You can cast a spell simply by telling yourself a story out loud, alone or with


You can cast a spell by thinking a story to yourself.

You can cast a spell by acting out a story. (This is the purpose of ritual, of


And you can cast a spell by wearing or carrying a physical object that

constantly reminds you of the story (an amulet).

A spell works simply because it is spoken. Strong emotions are not necessary.

You don't even have to believe it to make it happen.

Try it. Start each day by saying to yourself: "Today, I am going to receive

some money" (or "will make a new friend," etc.) See what happens.

One caution: Be careful what you wish for -- you WILL get it!

And remember the ancient rede: "An ye harm none, do what you will." This

means that we cannot cast a spell concerning another person (with the possible

exception of a healing spell) without their consent. Any interference in

another person's life force is unacceptable.


How to Cast a Spell


To Cast a Spell is to Take Action

Casting a spell is not like visiting a psychic or diviner (whether it is face-to-face, via telephone or online). Responsible and ethical psychics and diviners (astrologer, numerologist, tarot reader, etc.) attempt to tell you about your past, present, and future and what influences are at work and what changes you should consider making to accomplish your goals. Consulting a diviner or psychic is a passive approach to accomplishing your goals, it is more an exercise in gathering information (the quality of which can be suspect, depending upon the skill and the ethics of the person providing the information) than it is an act of doing something to achieve those goals.

Casting a spell is an active approach. You are taking matters into your own hands and attempting to do something about "it", whatever that problem or goal may be. By casting a spell, you are creating a means and an end to achieving that which you desire. However, a spell is only a means, not the only means. Spells work to enhance the more ordinary efforts you are using to attain your goals. For example: if you cast an employment spell, but you never actively seek employment via ordinary methods -- you are very unlikely to find work just through the spell you cast.


General Theory: How a Spell Works

How does a spell work? There is much debate upon this. Therefore, we have taken some of the most commonly agreed upon concepts (extracted from the religious beliefs from which they where embedded) and presented our "general theory" on the subject. Please Note: this is not the definitive word on the subject, simply an outline of some general concepts.

First Statement; everybody has some psychic ability. This is not to say that every person has the ability to read minds, foretell the future, or levitate. However, it is to say that every person has a conation to the world that surrounds them via some yet unknown force or property of nature. This force or property is natural, not supernatural, and can be acted upon by the human mind -- and vice versa. The ability to tap into and manipulate this natural force or property is an inherent human talent. As with all other human talents, some individuals do have a greater aptitude at this than do others. And, as it is with other talents, "practice makes perfect". An individual's effectiveness in using this ability is subject to the same constraints as are our other abilities -- it is variable, there are "dry spells", "plateaus", and "off days". Finally, since this ability is strongly linked to the mind, it is also subject to being influenced (positively or negatively) by the ever-changing emotional states, moods, and levels of concentration within the individual.

Second Statement; a spell is a creative work. The individual who casts a spell, creates a spell. This is true even when they are following instructions written by someone else. This is true because the major component of a spell is the visualization (the mental picture) of the goal, the intent that the individual wishes to achieve. Only the individual casts the spell really knows what the true goal of the spell is. Without intent there is no visualization and there is no spell, just some uttered words and actions performed with neither purpose nor meaning. When a spell is cast a mental construct is created. A mental construct that is the visualized goal of what the individual who has created it desires to manifest, to become real.

Third Statement; a spell is a mental construct. When we say "mental construct" we do not mean the term in exactly the same sense as it is used in the social sciences. We mean that a spell is a form of directed thought or focused prayer that has been constructed by an individual to perform a desired task. As such, a spell has a life of its own. It is akin to a metaphysical machine or software package that, once set into motion, continues to run. Re-casting the spell periodically rewinds or refreshes the original spell.

Fourth Statement; visualization and focus are central to casting a spell. These two things are the keys to successful spell casting. Focus on your intent, what your desired goal is for the spell. It is good to think things through before you cast. How will I accomplish this goal? What steps to I have to take to achieve my goal? What results do I really desire? Then, you must visualize in your "mind's eye" how these things will be accomplished and your desired results -- the means and the end. Visualize that these events have already come into being and the desired result has manifested when you are casting your spell. (BUT, once it is cast, do not expect immediate results -- more on that below.)

Fifth Statement; try and work within the natural order of things. Spells work best when they are following the natural order of the universe, rather than going against the flow. Here is when divination can be a useful tool. It can give you insight on the natural flow, the currents that are currently in motion -- information that you can use to assist you in creating your spell. For example: should you wish to destroy an enemy, if that person really is a rotten person, then it is (usually) in the natural order of things for them to experience some consequences for their actions -- such a spell would then tend to be in harmony with the natural order of things. If however, you are acting out of spite or jealousy and the person that you are directing the destruction spell against is essentially a decent person, you are trying to go against the flow and the spell will tend to be less effective -- it may even rebound on you. In short, the universe does strive for balance and harmony; try to figure out what the current flow is, in regards to your goal, and cast your spell accordingly.



Do I Really Need all Those Items in the Instructions?

No, you don't. Actually, you don't need the Instructions either. When all is said and done, it is you that casts the spell. All that you need to cast a spell is yourself, a clear intent, and a visualization in your mind as to what you wish to accomplish. The rest is really just window-dressing or props. However, if you are new to casting spells, the Instructions and Items can be an aid and a guide. The Items can assist you in focus and visualization and the Instructions can be a guide on how to cast your spell. They tend to be very useful for beginners, so long as they are used only as a guide. What works for you, works best. If the Items say that you should use a pink candle and you feel that a blue candle would be best because blue is the color that you associate with the intent of your spell -- then, use the blue candle. The Instructions and Items (as are the recipes) are only guides for the novice. Keep and discard at your own preference. Follow your intuition -- it's more in tune with the natural order.



Divine Before you Cast

While divination is passive, it is a useful tool. The use of divination can give you an idea as to what currents are at work regarding your goal and what the possible outcomes may be. Divination provides you with information regarding your goal. It is like a weather forecast, it gives you some information on what is happening and what may happen in the near future. And that is all it gives. Don't fall into the trap that divination provides you with information on predestined events -- treat it as a weather forecast. There are many divination tools; runes, numerology, astrology, tarot, the I Ching. All are potentially useful. Again, what works best for you, is the best form of divination to use. You don't have to employ the services of a professional diviner, you can do it yourself. It takes some practice, but it is well worth it -- after all, who knows you better, you yourself or a stranger?



If at First you don't Succeed, Cast, Cast Again.

Spell casting takes practice. Spell casting also doesn't work like it does in the movies. In casting a spell, you are trying to manipulate this unknown force or property that is part of the natural world toward your own ends. It might have some ideas of its own. Patience is necessary when casting spells. It is always best to visualise your intent and goal in stages. And work periodically to move from one stage to the next towards your goal. By periodically, we don't mean to cast the spell every week, you have to give it time to work. That said, there are times when immediate results are desired -- sometimes you will succeed and sometimes you will not. It all depends upon the natural order, how you are feeling (emotionally, mentally, and physically), how well you can focus and visualise. We have cast spells ourselves that worked instantaneously and we have cast spells that have taken months or years to come into being (the latter being more common than the former) and we have cast spells that have totally failed. Our best advice is to cast your spell and wait and see the results. If it is not a spell that was intended to produce immediate results, use your divination tool of choice to figure out what currents may be influencing your goal and re-cast it in a months time on the same or similar phase of the moon.



You just might get what you asked for

Know ahead of time what you really desire. Think things through before you cast your spell. Be specific and be certain that you really want this to happen. Because when the spell becomes a reality, it may take as long to undo as it did to do -- in some cases it may not be possible to reverse the spell.


You are Responsible

Some people believe in karma (what goes around comes around) and others do not. It doesn't matter. For every action that you take, there is a consequence. Casting a spell is a form of action. It will produce a consequence or consequences. You may not like all of the consequences that unfold (another reason to be specific in your intent and to really know what it is that you want to happen). Nevertheless, they are the consequences you created. Be responsible for your actions and think before you cast

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