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Friday, 30 January 2009
Alaskans brace for Redoubt Volcano eruption Friday, January 30, 2009
Topic: Changes in Weather

Just found Alaskans brace for Redoubt Volcano eruption Friday, January 30, 2009

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Hardware stores and auto parts shops scored a post-holiday run of business this week as Anchorage-area residents stocked up on protective eyewear and masks ahead of a possible eruption of Mount Redoubt.

Monitoring earthquakes underneath the 10,200-foot Redoubt Volcano about 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, scientists from the Alaska Volcano Observatory warned that an eruption was imminent, sending experienced Alaskans shopping for protection against a dusty shower of volcanic ash that could descend on south-central Alaska.

"Every time this happens we do get a run on dust masks and goggles," said Phil Robinson, manager of an Alaska Industrial Hardware store in Anchorage. "That's the two main things for eye and respiratory protection."

Customer Ron Cowan picked up gear at the store Thursday before heading off to an auto parts store for a spare air filter.

"I'm older now and I'm being a little more proactive than I was the last time," Cowan said.

When another Alaska volcano, Mount Spurr, blew in 1992, he waited too long.

"The shelves were cleared, so I thought I wouldn't wait until the last minute," Cowan said.

Unlike earthquakes, volcanoes often give off warning signs that usually give people time to prepare.

The observatory, a joint program between the U.S. Geological Survey, the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute and the state Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, was formed in response to the 1986 eruption of Mount Augustine.

It has a variety of tools to predict eruptions. As magma moves beneath a volcano before an eruption, it often generates earthquakes, swells the surface of a mountain and increases the gases emitted. The observatory samples gases, measures earthquake activity with seismometers and watches for deformities in the landscape.

On Nov. 5, geologists noted changed emissions and minor melting near the Redoubt summit and raised the threat level from green to yellow. It jumped to orange — the stage just before eruption — on Sunday in response to a sharp increase in earthquake activity below the volcano.

Alaska's volcanoes are not like Hawaii's. "Most of them don't put out the red river of lava," said the observatory's John Power.

Instead, they typically explode and shoot ash 30,000 to 50,000 feet high — more than nine miles — into the jet stream.

"It's a very abrasive kind of rock fragment," Power said. "It's not the kind of ash that you find at the base of your wood stove."

The particulate has jagged edges and has been used as an industrial abrasive. "They use this to polish all kinds of metals," he said.

Particulate can injure skin, eyes and breathing passages. The young, the elderly and people with respiratory problems are especially susceptible. Put enough ash under a windshield wiper and it will scratch glass.

It's also potentially deadly for anyone flying in a jet. "Think of flying an airliner into a sandblaster," Power said.

Redoubt blew on Dec. 15, 1989, and sent ash 150 miles away into the path of a KLM jet carrying 231 passengers. Its four engines flamed out.

As the crew tried to restart the engines, "smoke" and a strong odor of sulfur filled the cockpit and cabin, according to a USGS account. The jet dropped more than 2 miles, from 27,900 feet to 13,300 feet, before the crew was able to restart all engines and land the plane safely at Anchorage. The plane required $80 million in repairs.

The observatory's first call after an eruption is now to the Federal Aviation Administration. The observatory's data collection has become far more advanced in 19 years, as has the alert system.

"Pilots are routinely trained to avoid ash and in what to do if they encounter an ash cloud," Power said. "That kind of thing was not routinely done in the 1980s."

The jet stream can carry ash for hundreds of miles. Ash from Kasatochi Volcano in the Aleutians last August blew all the way to Montana and threatened aircraft, Power said.

Particulate is mildly corrosive but can be blocked with masks and filters.

Power advises Alaskans to prepare as they would for a bad snowstorm: Keep flashlights, batteries and several days' worth of food in the house, limit driving and prepare to hunker down if the worst of an ash cloud hits.

Merely going indoors is a defense against ash. The American Red Cross recommends wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants outside, plus goggles and glasses instead of contact lenses. If no dust mask is available, an effective respiratory filter is a damp cloth over nose and mouth.

But potential danger all depends on the wind. Mount Spurr erupted three times in 1992. When it blew that June, only climbers on Mount McKinley — about 150 miles north of Anchorage — were affected, Power said. An August eruption dumped significant ash on Anchorage and a September blow sent ash about 40 miles north of Anchorage to Wasilla.

Dust mask customer Elizabeth Keating said Thursday that if the volcano erupts, she expects to stay inside. She bought masks for her school-age grandchildren to carry in their backpacks.

"I want to make sure they're carrying these in case they're en route," she said.


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Alaska Volcano Observatory:

Ash hazards:

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Tuesday, 27 January 2009
Come join me on Kansas on 2012Connect
Topic: Coming in 2012

Come join me on Kansas on 2012Connect

A new community for like minded people to talk about the events that will or will not happen

Join the community for survival of 2012 and the after math of the events Check out Kansas on 2012Connect:

View my page on 2012Connect

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Updated: Friday, 30 January 2009 3:58 PM EST
Thursday, 15 January 2009
THE SITE EXTINCTION and what they have found

A mass extinction is at hand. Life as we know it will be completely extinguished from the face of the earth in 24 hours. The Great Pyramid of Gaza tells the tail of the last catastrophic event and how they were able to survive. How will we survive? We don't have one ship. Mayans built ten thousand unsinkable ships to survive the last Great Cataclysm. The last Great Cataclysm Noah built the Ark. Everybody in North America will be ruthlessly slaughtered. Hundreds of millions around the world will wish they were dead

here you will find so much more 


do you know what you will need to make it through?

this site tells you click here 


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Updated: Thursday, 15 January 2009 11:47 PM EST
Wednesday, 14 January 2009
What these sites and the NEWS is telling us.

In this post I have found the 2012 in the actual NEWS

Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. for Months
A new study from the National Academy of Sciences outlines grim possibilities on Earth for a worst-case scenario solar storm.

Mark your calendars for January 4, 2009 for Nostradamus: 2012 and if you happen to have a 2012 calendar lying around, write “end of the world” on December 21st.

2012 Apocalypse Theory Inspires Disaster Movie
This time, Emmerich is going to destroy the world in a way that the Mayans predicted thousands of years ago.

Many gather to ponder end of Maya days
Reporting from San Francisco -- Hundreds of people gathered near the Golden Gate Bridge over the weekend to ponder the enigmatic date of Dec. 21, 2012, the last day of the ancient Maya calendar and the focus of many end-of-the-world predictions.

 Web Bot Predictions for 2008 / 2009
Since its conception in the late 1990’s, the Web Bot Project has made a number of very accurate and insightful predictions regarding coming events.

Study: Earth's magnetic field is changing
Observing fluid motions in core could help scientists predict future changes

Something beneath the surface is changing Earth's protective magnetic field, which may leave satellites and other space assets vulnerable to high-energy radiation.

ABC NEWS Will the World End in 2012?
Thousands Worldwide Prepare for the Apocalypse, Expected in 2012


These and others can be found here

2012 Media Push
Rumor is beginning to circulate around the Internet that soon the United States government, along with other world governments, will begin to limit and/or defame information associated with the events leading up to and including December 21 2012.

Posted by witchbirdphoenix at 4:51 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 14 January 2009 5:06 PM EST
2012 in the NEWS

FOX News: Geraldo on December 21 2012 Doomsday


FOX News on the coming events of 2012

Posted by witchbirdphoenix at 4:33 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 14 January 2009 4:37 PM EST
But how can the poles shift?

According to Survive 2012 website found here this is what they have to say.

Rather than the Earth being a solid piece of rock, it is divided into distinct layers.  We live on the outer surface of the crust, which is broken up into six main continental plates and a few smaller ones.  Geologists have differing opinions on what is further below, but for our purposes this simplified model will suffice:

The inner core consists of solid iron and is surrounded by an outer core of liquid iron.  The lower mantle is made of molten rock.  The upper mantle and crust are solid, but only loosely connected and are able to slip and slide against each other, the least effect of which is continental drift.  All layers are capable of independent movement.

Directly below the Earth's crust (or lithosphere) at a depth of 50-150 kilometres is a layer called the asthenosphere.  It is constructed of a low-velocity plastic material capable of flow.  The crust is split into plates, and the tectonic plate theory says that these plates move individually, slipping over the hot semi-plastic asthenosphere, at a rate of 1-4 cms a year.  The action of these plates pushing against each other causes mountain ranges to form, causes earthquakes and stimulates volcanic activity.

Apart from being a permanent constant (orthodox gradualist view), this movement of a miniscule 1-4 cms a year could also be the low point in a fluctuating system, or the crust's momentum finally coming to a halt after a major slippage of 30 degrees, which occurred in recent times - perhaps 12,000 years ago.

There are two ways in which the location of the poles might shift:

1. Poleshift: A sudden and radical displacement of the planet's axis of rotation (the earth tips over).


2. Poleshift: A slippage of the planet's solid crust over the molten interior - so that the polar locations change


So much more infomashion can be found on this web site it is a must site to read.

 this site will open in new window click here

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Tuesday, 13 January 2009
Concentration Camps being built for U.S citizens

Why is F.E.M.A. buying up large camps ? If it isn’t to prepare for 2012 .

What is this for? I am not saying it IS What they believe it to be. But I WISH Someone had a refutable argument to tell me what are the FEMA Camps used for.
How else will F.E.M.A be able to handle large masses of missed placed cities?


All the video can be found on my you tube profile here

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Updated: Wednesday, 14 January 2009 2:20 PM EST
2012: waking of the prophets Free ebook download
what the world can be; this will be our legacy... The Mayan Calendar's 2012 end-date looms on the horizon. Society is crumbling, an economic crash and increased terrorism has led the United States and other governments to fall into a police state. Will Dec. 21st 2012, herald the end of the world or the dawning of a new era for humanity? Forced to confront his deepest of fears, one young man must define for himself his own highest truth and answer the question we all eventually face...What role can one person possibly play in the grand global and cosmic theater? What he discovers will inspire a metamorphosis of personal and planetary proportions.

download here

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Monday, 12 January 2009
Wise predictions from the past to shape our future

Nostradamus and 2012

Mother ship ton Mother Shipton was born Ursula Sontheil in 1488 in a cave beside the river Nidd ... Mother Shipton exhibited prophetic and psychic abilities from an early age Hounded as a witch, Mother Shipton's prophecies have turned out so accurate it's almost uncanny. ... Mother Shipton, sometimes called "the Yorkshire Sybil"

Saint Malikiy of Ireland

The sleeping profit Edgar Casey

edgar casey sleeping profit. 2009 economic collapse and depression ... edgar casey the sleeping profit. maps after 2012 polar shift. economical depression 2012

Robert Zoller

Robert Zoller is the leading expert in the 700 year old techniques commonly ... renowned for the accuracy of his predictions and the high standard of his teaching

Have one thing in common the fall of 2012


2102 The Alchemy of Consciousness in Time

Prophecies throughout time have named this as the end time, movement to a golden age, gold referencing the alchemy of time and consciousness. To examine the accelerating physical Earth changes and consciousness of humanity, recognizing and healing its issues, is to understand this evolutionary process and what is occurring. There are many factors linked to December 21, 2012 back into light, from which the human biogenetic came. The best barometer for you, is your own intuition, which will allow you to sense great changes. Dreams and meditation will also guide this part of your journey.

Posted by witchbirdphoenix at 4:06 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 14 January 2009 3:56 PM EST
What do we expect after the year 2012

What will happen in the year 2012 ?

Do we have enough time before 2012 to prepare for the major life changing events of 2012 ?

How will we survive 2012?

Find answers to these and other questions on the forum

Mayan Calendar Cataclysmic Prophesy?

What did the mayan know that we do not ?

We look at the past to predict the future ,

Posted by witchbirdphoenix at 3:30 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 12 January 2009 3:58 PM EST

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